Saving Hope

Saving Hope 2017 Erica Durance and Michael Shanks Entertainment One / NBC Television 2012 - 2017
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Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business 2012   Pauly Shore, Cynthia Preston Entertainment One / CMT Television – 2012 In this two hour movie, self-proclaimed “Guido,” Nicky Ferelli, (Pauly Shore) runs away from his mob-tied family when he is wrongly accused of murder, and ends up hiding out in a small southern town making a new and unusual variety Read More
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Salem Falls

Salem Falls 2011   James Van Der Beek, Sarah Carter Automatic Pictures / The Lifetime Network – 2011 Based on the best-selling Jodi Picoult book, former teacher Jack McBradden moves to Salem Falls after a student’s crush led to false accusations and a wrongful conviction for sexual assault. He finds a job and settles into Read More
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2018 ASCAP Screen Awards

  My wife Anna and I had a wonderful time at the 2018 ASCAP Screen Awards where I was honoured to receive an award for “Top Cable Television Series” for the medical drama, Saving Hope. I’m pictured here with Shawn LeMone (Senior VP, Film & TV), Elizabeth Matthews (CEO) and John Titta (Executive VP, Membership). Read More

Whistler Film Festival

  I had the privilege to be one of four composers that took part in the “They Shoot, We Score” panel at WFF in December. My esteemed colleagues Mike Shields, Graeme Coleman and Red Heartbreaker (who was the winner!) and I scored a 5 minute scene from the series “Game of Silence”. Each score was Read More

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Gary Koftinoff is an award-winning film composer, well established in both film and television. His love for this medium informs a keen musical imagination, which has enhanced the experience of over 30 films and over 200 episodes of television.


In 2005, he received a Gemini Award for Best Original Score for a Dramatic Series for “Dark Oracle” (YTV), and in 2007 he won a Film & TV Music Award for Best Score for a Non-Animated Children’s TV Program for the 70 episode Disney Channel series “Life With Derik” (Disney/Family Channel). He also just received a Canada Screen Award Nomination (2014) for Best Score in a Dramatic Series for “Saving Hope” (CTV).

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